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Welcome to Fit at Fifty. I believe that anybody can be in the best shape of their life at any age, if they so choose and truly decide to make it happen. Now I didnʼt say it was going to be easy, however it doesnʼt have to be so hard itʼs unattainable. Given the right supportive environment, the correct nutrition, a positive mindset and work ethic and everything is possible.

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I honestly believe that your health should be one of the single most important factors in your life but so often especially with family, work commitments and life in general our health usually takes a back seat and stays there far too long.


I am always wishing people a happy healthy day as once again I believe happiness and health go hand in hand, but how many of us wake up everyday and hate what we see in the mirror, hate how we feel when we run up the stairs, or take the kids swimming?


We all hold the key to a positive mindset that will allow us to achieve and unlock our dream body and mind but so often over time we forget how to access the lock with the key?

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If you want to change your body, you first have to change yor mind.

- Kenny Rye

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