About Me

Hi I’m Kenny and at 50 years of age I am now in the best shape of my entire life, living a wonderful life with an amazing wife and three beautiful children that we homeschool, doing something I absolutely love doing. I’m living my dream life.
For me the love of bodybuilding started over 30 years ago at the tender age of 16.
I would cycle down to Worthing Sports Centre on a Tuesday evening at 8:00pm and walk my bike home at 10:00pm as I was too tired to cycle.
I started my journey at around 10 stone with the worst genetics for building muscle but with one thing in my corner, a very, very strong will to succeed and a self belief that was so strong.
Years went by and I started competing at the age of nineteen, winning pretty much every competition I competed in becoming Junior Mr South Britain, Junior Mr England and then went on to win more titles as a Mr.

I stopped competing at 22


I was always into keeping myself in great shape.
I met my wife Lisa when I was 35 we settled down and started a family.
That’s when I started putting on the pounds, which was great fun watching box sets of The Deadliest Catch all weekend and eating Ben & Jerries and ordering pizza in bed.


70 lbs later


I found life catching up with me and as I’ve said to so many people, I’d put my health on the back seat, very much on the back seat.


Big brown eyes


It took my eldest son Nathan to really put things into perspective when he asked me to play with him, his big brown eyes looking down at me, me not being able to move, laid up on the sofa as my back had ‘gone’ as it usually did week in week out.
Degenerative Disc Disease


I then went to see a back surgeon at Goring Hall who gave me the one liner “Have the back spinal operation or be in pain for the rest of your life” you have Degenerative Disc Disease.
You know that was not a good time but I knew I could sort myself out and I decided to refocus on my health.
I started training again and focused on reducing my weight and strengthening my core and this year not having one single back ache.
About two months into things I decided to up the stakes and compete again as a natural bodybuilder.
So after a 25 year lay off I competed again in the Southern BNBF show. I placed third the first year, third the second year and I then had two years off.
I returned this year winning two Southern Masters Over 50’s titles and placing third to the current DFAC Masters World Champion, it’s fair to say I’m absolutely loving my training and loving life.
I feel I am constantly learning and growing as a student of life with the books I continually read, listen too and videos I watch, always trying to better my understanding and sharing positivity and possibilities with others to help as many people as I can understand and appreciate that to be in not only great physical shape but great mental shape is truly an amazing feeling and totally attainable.