How can I help you?

Training & Nutrition

Wouldn’t it be great to have a training routine that keeps you focused, keeps you injury free whilst focusing on strength and conditioning, helping you over time feel great again. I know not everybody wants to build muscle however we’re usually all in the same boat about wanting to feel fitter, and feel healthier, even having just that little more confidence. How about eating tasty nutritious food that allows you to strive towards your physical goals easily and with maximum energy. Food that is easy to stick too and sustainable and dare I say sociable. This is totally possible when you allow me to work with you and allow me to tailor a personal training regime and diet plan that is suited for your lifestyle however busy it may be.

Coaching & Training

There are two options, I either train with my clients, although this is already fully subscribed however I do have a waiting list if you wish to join, or I coach them depending on their specific goals and if I have space on the training days.


We have a good old chat about your goals, your difficulties and how to overcome them. Talk about nutrition and training and put a plan of action together for you to follow.

Online Training

Not everybody can train with me due to logistics this is where I offer my online programme. The cost is £99 a month. All training routines, diets, support and weekly accountability and pretty much everything you need to reach your goals is offered with my online programme.


The cost to train with me, either training together or me coaching you on a 121 basis ranges from £35-£40 a session and for this, you also get my day to day support and weekly accountability. We have a Private client group for support and we also have monthly get together to build a strong supportive community. I am also more than happy to help my clients on a day to day basis with the food and logging their food for even more accountability and support.

My Philosophy on

Food & Nutrition

Over the years this has changed as I have grown and learnt so much about this.
In short though, good nutrition is always key.
Finding the right nutrition plan for you is like a jigsaw puzzle, but I love puzzles.
Everybody is different but to find a plan that works, that’s sustainable, sociable, enjoyable and tasty are in my opinion critical.
In this past year getting ready for my competitions I have tried high fat diets, low carb diets, high carb diets, intermittent fasting, six meals a day, five meals a day, four, three, two and even one meal a day, and you know something I have loved every single minute of it.

Mindset & Habits

You are what you think you are, believe it and you can achieve it. Believe you can and you’re half way there.
All great and well know philosophies.
How many of us on a daily basis talk to ourselves negatively?
In truth, this section is more important than nutrition and training in my opinion.
When we work together this is something we work strongly on to achieve this positive mindset.
A mindset that can shape your very future and your very existence.
What do you watch, what do you read, what do you listen to on a daily basis to better your understanding of how you are feeling right now?

Training & Fitness

Understanding how to train sensibly in a way that does not incur the risk of injury whilst maximising your efforts is the number one factor.
Whether you want to reduce body fat, build or tone muscle resistance training is a core and important factor in my opinion.
Also understanding the long game with your health and not just going after the brand new 6 -8 week shiny new fad will be something worth thinking about.
Training should be integrated into your lifestyle, it should not be difficult or time consuming, it should be fun and enjoyable.
Even when competing this year not at any point did I find training difficult, not at any point was I lacking in energy or lacking in motivation.
My walks have become a massive part of my fitness journey and this from somebody who used to hate walking or running.
Learn to love what you do and everything else becomes a walk in the park.

Training times and Gym

I currently work mornings due to us homeschooling our three children, so I start training at 6:00am to 11:00am Monday to Friday and Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00.

I work from The Gym Hub in Worthing so yes you would need a membership for this gym however at £20 a month, or £5 a week, with no contract or no joining fee (if you are training with me) this is a great gym to train from with loads of parking available.


"I have been training with Kenny for a little over a year now. The changes I have seen both physically and mentally are fantastic. I feel so much fitter and even my golf fitness / game has improved. My whole understanding towards food has changed so much that everything now just seems easy. In fact looking back over the past year I would say it’s all been fun hard work but easy hard work. He certainly knows his stuff”


"I have been under the guidance of Kenny for the past 6 months and thoroughly enjoying the experience ….I sleep better, eat better and feel much more energised – Kenny is full of enthusiasm and provides you with realistic goals around your diet his guidance also provides you with confidence to challenge your own personal goals – Oh and it’s fun too … sometimes!"

Mike Jones
Managing Director

“At 49 years of age I found that I've always put everyone else first, work and family and not worried about my personal health. I have also had ongoing injuries to my knee and back. Since joining up with Kenny in July 2018 I've changed my diet and physical activity and I've lost over 2 1/2 stone in weight. Kennys drive, passion and enthusiasm has helped to motivate me, Kenny also knows how to support me with my injuries and I've not had pain in my knee and back for sometime now. I know that my journey has a long way to go, but with him by my side I know I will get there. For anybody that was or is like me that has constantly put others first before their own health and well-being, I would recommend giving Kenny a call and start to put your Health and Fitness First. You're never to old to start looking after yourself.”

Terry Goldsmith

I have been training consistently with Kenny for the past 14 months. Training with Kenny is not just about hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week, it’s about the bigger picture of learning to understanding your body the food that you eat the affects food has on your body and your ability to train, but more than that Kenny has taught me how to incorporate healthy and measured training into my life. It takes time commitment, and perseverance, but Kenny been there one hundred percent of the way to guide encourage and support me. My fitness levels my awareness around food and how I feel about myself have exceeded my expectations I have tried in the past to commit to regular training but have never been successful. I know my commitment and enjoyment for this lifestyle has grown from training with Kenny and his encouragement and support. Kenny always says ‘we have to enjoy what we do and what we eat’ and that is what Kenny is all about a genuinely great guy who knows his stuff and will certainly teach you all you need to learn about training food and that balance of mind body and soul. I never thought I would be training to do a major hike cycle ride and run in the Rocky Mountains in Canada but I am and I know Kenny will be there all the way to guide and push me so that I can achieve my goals in a loving and supportive way Thank you Kenny x

Rob Fawcett